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CFD Era Eliminates The Learning Curve!

It might seem a bit pretentious but CFD Era offers its’ members a unique opportunity to generate a substantial amount of money with minimal risk. Our professional algorithm-powered app employs a variety of tested strategies which are designed to buy and sell CFD contracts at optimal market rates. CFD Era is particularly suited for inexperienced or new traders who are looking to get started trading online, but are also looking for an easy-to-use software which generates profits consistently.

Our staff refers to CFD Era as a confidence-building software, since it really does let new traders settle in safely and quietly without any need to read complicated charts or understand sophisticated statistical analysis.

The CFD Era staff also has a seasoned onboarding team which assists new members in activating their software. This is done live via phone by our friendly team of experts which guide you through the initial steps in order to provide you with a positive onboarding experience.

CFD Era: Robotic Trading Technology

We are professional coders specializing in a variety of languages such as C, Python, and JAVA. 

While this may not make sense to most traders, the algorithm which actually powers the trading automation protocols is coded using these languages.

But all that really doesn’t matter since our members are just looking for a simple page with essential information and a system which is super-easy to operate. That’s why when you navigate you will not see complex charts or confusing formulas. Instead you will simply see the signals and the money you make. That’s pretty much it!

The artificial intelligence does the data collection and translates it into a formula which determines whether or not the app should execute a trade.

Our researchers and data analysts have really gone the extra mile in order to provide our members with an exceptional auto-trader. Before deploying the CFD ERA software in a live trading environment, the QA (quality assurance) team tested the software using a variety of methodologies.

This means our members don’t have to settle for anything less then the absolute best technology available in the market today. So it doesn’t matter if you’re a single mom looking to earn some extra income, or a high-school professor who wants to start trading from home. CFD Era is exactly the kind of tool which is able to provide you with the type of solution your are looking for.

Special Features, Settings, and User Interface

Our goal is to assist amateur or inexperienced traders become active in our community of investors. The more investors we have the more our systems can be tested and adapted to user requirements. CFD’s are very profitable and less complex than stock for example because you don’t actually have to own the actual assets. You merely speculate if the contract expires above or below the resistance line and the profits are yours for the taking.

Trading Currencies With CFD Era

CFD Era trades all major currency pairs such as USD/EUR, EUR/GBP, and USD/GBP. Other currencies such as CHF, CAD, NSD, and JPY are also traded according to optimal contract rates which are selected by our hand-crafted AI technology.

Customers who which to trade using our manual signals feature are able to do so freely. Our signals are sent directly to your smart phone or email based on your request or preference. We recommend using this feature if you like more control over your trades and wish to monitor your account balance closely.

Trading Currencies

Trading Commodities With CFD Era

Commodities such as Gold or Oil are usually overlooked by new traders, and that is a crying shame because there is really a lot of money to be made in these markets. CFD Era performs exceptionally well with commodities, and that is due to the fact that the volatility levels are very low in most cases. So while it’s true that these types of CFD contracts lack luster, they more than make up for it in performance.

Trading Commodities

Trading Assets With CFD Era

Asset trading is very much like commodity trading in sense that traders buy and sell assets that have an intrinsic value. The formula for intrinsic value is IV=|S-K|. Loosely translated in means that the market value of the underlying financial instrument is based on a solid foundation which is designed to withstand market fluctuations.

When you buy a barrel of Crude Oil you know exactly how much it’s worth and that means it has intrinsic value. The same principle is true for a bar of Gold, Silver, Copper, or Real Estate -based contracts. They all have intrinsic value, which means they are less prone to market volatility.

Trading Assets

What Are CFDs And How Are They Traded?

CFD’s are derivatives or contracts which “derive” based on the overall performance of an underlying asset. CFD’s or contracts for difference can be extremely lucrative if traded properly. As opposed to more traditional instruments like stock for example, you don’t actually have to own the assets. You merely speculate if the contract will expire above or below the resistance line, and the profits are yours for the taking!

What Are CFD's?

FAQ Section

We’re a trading platform for new or inexperienced traders and we get asked a lot of questions. So we thought it would be a smart idea to put together an FAQ section for anyone who is interested in getting more detailed information.

How much does CFD Era Cost?

CFD Era requires a minimal investment  amount of €/$/£250. This money is needed in order to create a sufficient balance in your broker account. Our members usually invest at least €/$/£500, but that is not a requirement. There are no other hidden or additional fees of any kind in order to get started.

Are My Wins Guaranteed?

No, CFD Era can’t guarantee your winnings, but our success ratio is 87% on average. That means if you follow the instructions you will most likely be able to generate a substantial amount of money using the CFD Era software.

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started is super-easy. After you complete your registration you simply fund your account. It’s quite possible that you will be contacted via phone in order to verify your details, so please make sure to enter your correct contact information. That’s pretty much it, you are ready to start!

How Do I Get My Money?

Withdrawals are made through the cashier section of the software. It usually takes 3 business days for the wire transfers to arrive.